Westside Vs. Crypts
Directed by: MOVIE BROTHERS (Ted Melot & Ghetto Munky 5)
Movie type: ACTION
Reviewed by: Melisa Ozkizil

Well, what can I say about this film........not much really I was bored shitless throughout the whole thing, I was more bothered about when it would finish.

Firstly, the voices at the beginning were hard to understand, not that I was really bothered but it helps for viewing pleasure...not that there was much. In one part of the film some guy was waving in the middle of the road, just letting this other guy run him over, as you can tell, I don't really know who I'm talking about, but this was because the directors didn't bother to give anyone names or didn't make it clear that they had names. The directors have obviously made a sloppy, badly thought out film. For this comment it may seem to you that I am judging him on his movie making skills by just one bad thing, but you will soon find out that there are many more bad mistakes to come.
The "Westside" gang showed how truly lame they actually were by getting some old guy to fight for them just because another guy saved his life 3 years ago (again, I apologize for my description of the characters, but it makes it very hard to tell who's who when some characters have been used about 3 times, Augustin kept cropping up all over the place). Also the Crypts had a big sign on their hideout saying who they were, so it was easy for the Westside gang to find them. Already you may be thinking "if this film is so crap, why did she watch it?" well it's all in the job of being a movie critic, but some of you actually enjoyed this film, such as JASON RUIZ who said "It's the MUTHA PHAT of all PHATNESS...ITS HELLA COOL!!!!!!" (what the hell is MUTHA PHAT, us British dudes don't understand these American slang words).

Also the directors tried to sell the film by saying: "After almost a year in the making, Westside Vs Crypts is ready to tear in to the 3DMM community", "the movie of the summer"..........well it tore into the 3DMM all right, and left a big hole full of unsatisfied customers! Also what a waste of a year!

Most people may have a stereotypical thought of what a tough gang should look like, big muscle men with guns and stuff like that, but this Westside gang looked like a geek patrol, a woman with a mask to hide her stench ridden face, a guy in a pink hat and some geek with glasses!!!
After the brilliant special effects in AJ 2 many people tried dismally to copy them. The effects were brilliant because he used variety of camera angles, like inside of a car, when it spinned around like it had been pushed of the road. He obviously put a lot of time in to them. AJ 2 was an action film, W Vs C wasn't, it's just a kill 'em up film, no story line just loosely related scenes of people getting killed. It's hard to copy Jason's effects without making them looking crap, that's what makes them special. Teddy's effects were just big explosions and a rubbish car chase which revolves around some guy getting his car blown up 4 times. My perception of an action film is tension, cliff-hangers, good car chases and relevant fights......W Vs C had little to none of this.

I feel that I am wasting time telling you about shit so if you want to waste your own time watching this waste of space that's your choice. I hope you will take it in to consideration what I have just been saying when you make your choice. Also if you decide to make an action film yourself, make sure it is an action film and not a heap of festering junk that is a few trashy characters killing each other. I can't even call this a film, it's just a poor attempt to make one which has failed terribly.

I have nothing good to say about this film as the directors could have done much better if they had thought about what they were going to do and how they would structure their film.