STiK MAN: W   o   r   l   d    W   a   r    3
Directed by: Michael Darr
Movie type: ACTION
Reviewed by: Melisa Ozkizil
This is the best 2D film I have ever seen in my life. Even though it had a very simple story line it was easy to understand what was going on. The plot was pretty basic (not meant as an insult) and it didn't really get boring. I think nowadays people think that the longer the film is, the better it will be, this is very wrong as Stik man has proved. The effects were very good and it obviously took a long time to create them, they were very imaginative and Michael Darr was very creative with what he used.

The only bad thing I can say about this film is that there were no actual voices used which was the only boring aspect of the film, having to read subtitles and all, but because the film was short I didn't really get to pissed off having to read them. Some films that have come out in the past have been long and have had subtitles in them. This is most likely because the director may not have had a mic but I do recommend that people should get a mic before they even start making movies, long or short because voices enhance the film and give the viewer a break from reading subtitles.

Anyway, I think Stik Man was brilliant for a 2D film but I do prefer 3D films. This was an excellent attempt, good job Mike.
That is all I have to say about this film, if anyone else wishes to comment about this film or anything I have said in this review they are welcome to.