Whose this McZee bloke then?

To those of you who are not familiar with the character at the centre of this campaign, McZee, heres a bit of background info for you. McZee, is the self-proclaimed "quirky" host of a number of Microsoft edutainment packages, such as Creative Artist, Creative Writer and 3D Movie Maker. He is around 5 feet tall, of slight build, has a humongous nose which you could most likey hang your hat on. If you don't have a hat, prehaps you could hang your jacket on it, or even a shoe if you want. His other distinguishing feature, besides his nose, is his purple skin, and his legendary taste in crap clothing. If you own any of the the above products with which McZee, bestows his presence upon, then you'll see him dressed in designer flower pot hats, baggy spotty shorts, and stupid shirts. I've seen better dressed tramps.

Incidently, depending on which country you've bought any of these products which feature McZee, then he'll sound distinctly different. Us, Brits in the UK, have the worst of it, with our McZee, featuring an over the top, annoying Scottish accent. While in America, they seem to have the better end of the stick (I think?) with a more goofy, cartoon style American accent.

What's so wrong with McZee?

I've only come to know McZee, from 3D Movie Maker, and the following is a fairly accurate summary of McZee's movie making antics...

McZee is a middle aged pervert, who hangs around an abandoned movie thearter with his prostitute friend Melanie. Together they lure vulnerable 10 year old kids around this deserted thearter, and persuade their parents that they are making " 3D movies" with them. Though in actual fact, these poor kids are forced into directing a whole host of weird "actors", in twisted porno movies of the sickest nature, no wonder Microsoft is removing this product from the shelves. What with some purple skinned freak, luring kids backstage to look at his other big feature, and I don't mean the one on his face (the one in his pants)!!.

These disturbing displays of decadence and perversion aren't just limited to 3D Movie Maker. I've been in correspondance with numerous people who own either Creative Writer or Creative Artist, and the stories are just as sickening. Over 90% of children who've attempted to write an imaginative piece of literature using Creative Writer, have found themselves being prompted by McZee to use "bad words", (far too rude to write here, in front of the kids) and write stories about "naughty" things, such as people doing poo-poo, and not wiping their bottoms.

Users of Creative Artist, will find this familiar with their own experiences of McZee. One young lad, told me how McZee had encouraged him to draw "big boobies" on pictures he'd made, and been told it would be "excellant" to draw in their private parts too.

Clearly the case for banning McZee, from any future Microsoft products, and from the Internet is compeling.

What the hell are you on about??!

Ok, so I got a bit carried away, and possibly the above isn't entirely the truth, but trust me if you had to put up with McZee bouncing around your screens, you'd start to imagine that as well.

Ban McZee Now!!
I'm thoroughly enlightened now Mister. Take me back to that lovely sick ribbon you were telling me about earlier...

Gimme that sick ribbon...NOW!!!