Welcome to the Special Selection
McZee ate my trousers, receives many movies from many directors all across the world, hoping that their efforts will be recognised and displayed for the rest of the 3dmm community to watch. Around half the movies make it to the 3D Movie Section, and around half of those managing to stay there, due to occasional "quality control" efforts where 3d movies are culled in order to remove 3dmm drivel from our pages.  

It occured to us that we were spending more time identifying crap movies than paying attention to some of the "3dmm gems" that were lying in our grasp. This section re-addresses the balance, and stores the cream of the crop, of the 3d movies that are sent to us at MAMT. Movies which make it into this section, are those which have grasped our attention and interest in some way, breaking the mould and standing out from the banality and mediocrity. 

The old classics have their own vault, so basically consider this as a vault for the modern classics.

12 movies available to download
Escape From The Jail
by: JMax
added on: 23/12/98
size: 547 K
OZ says: You must have noticed by now that where big fans of "dumb" movies which contain outrageous sillyness, either done intentionally or unintentionally. This is one of those movies which manages to do it unintentionally, similiar in style to a Neilson classic. Also, watch out for the hiliarious miss-use of English grammar... it's a hoot!
Skit TV
by: Tim Ellis
added on: 16/11/98
size: 2.2 MB
Comments: Please have fun with the movie, and follow the instructions, such as reading the text file and loading the font, you don't have to read all of the text file, because most of it's stuff about mix ups with fonts and how to install fonts for those who dont know how, oh well, have fun with the movie!
OZ says: Another very funny set of parodies and sketches from Tim. 
The Litterbug
by: Jimmy Pozin
added on: 12/10/98
size: 2.81 MB
OZ says: Another "action/kill 'em up" film with a naff name, but this one has a bizarre twist whereby a huge killing spree is motivated by a single piece of flung litter. Some very impressive special effects and camera angles have been used, and a few funny moments can be found along the way, which produces a movie very close to snatching AJ2's crown.
OZ's VERDICT:     
Tim's TV Network 2
by: Tim Ellis
added on: 12/10/98
size: 1.74 MB
Comments: The sequel to the first
OZ says: I found the 2nd installment of this insanely stupid TV Network of Tim's the funniest. 
Aliens from Space
by: Tim Ellis
added on: 12/10/98
size: 583 K
Comments: Here's a movie that I recently made, it's a comedy, and it's suppost to look stupid, I wasn't serious at all when I made this movie.
OZ says: Dumb earthlings meet dumber aliens, in a battle of the dumbest. This movie is so stupid, the voices so hiliarious and the action so childishly dumb that you can't help but laugh. 
STiK MAN: W   o   r   l   d    W   a   r    3
by: Michael Darr
added on: 6/9/98
size: 150 K
Comments: STiK MAN is back in an all new and improved world of 2D Movie Making. The September 98 episode has STiK MAN in the middle of World War 3 in Iraqi grounds. Iraqis see this and launch attack. STiK must fight his way out of Iraq. Download Now! (NOTE: Yes, this episode has a plot, much much better than Aliens Attack. But still be sure to watch it because it IS a part of history.)
OZ says: Very original concept, but would have scored higher as again it's rather short.
MELISA says: Good combination of effects, short and great.
The Police... Mystery
by: Thierry Lacombe
added on: 7/8/98
size: 838 K
Comments: It's the story of 2 policemen who go buy donuts but a maniac escaped from the jail  
take is revenge at them. With his machine that can make big earthquakes, eruption, volcano or destruction of elevators and more, he try to kill those 2 policemen...
Pixel - new version
by: Thierry Lacombe
added on: 7/8/98
size: 701 K
Comments: Attention, this is a new version !  A lot of action in thismovie... The thunder crash on the plane and they are lost in the Pixel house. This house is controlled by a maniac who want to kill them.  A lot of details too, all the airport, the car scene, the magical power of the spear, the  
good robot animation, this is just a GREAT movie !!!
OZ says: No dialogue, almost no sense of what is going on at times, but make no doubt it is very impressive to watch. 
Hello, The World Is A Funny Place To Be
by: BT
added on: 5/8/98
size: 718 K
Comments: I have a very warped sense of humor. You'll see why when you download this movie. WARNING!! This movie contains totally weird and deranged situations!! Viewer discretion is advised......... Oh what the hey, just download it and be prepared to laugh!
OZ says: Some very funny "Monty Python" inspired sketches here.
Honochio 2
by: Mickazee
added on: 17/7/98
size: 850 K
OZ says: An original character has been brought to life out of 3D shapes and some hilarious WAVs. A must see!
Bomberman Wars
by: John Lercari
added on: 14/7/98
size: 238 K 
Comments: 4 Bombermen battle it out in a all out explosive match to see who is the best. All-Man Made scenes, great action and special FX. Also shows many different views of the battle field.
OZ says: A nice conversion of the classic element of the Bomberman games... the "all against all" battles of course!
Action Joe 3 (preview)
by: Jason Ruiz
added on: 14/7/98
size: 414 K
OZ says: One of the best previews I've ever seen.