"a collection of various 3dmm related stuff, kept nice, fresh and perfume scented in McZee's yellow cotton pants"

 The Story Behind the Pants...
These are the exact pair of pants which McZee threw at Bill Gates' face, when old four eyes told McBignose to clear off out of Microsoft, as the plug had been pulled on 3DMM. In a fit of rage, McZee pulled off his trousers, whipped off his Y-Fronts and slung them into Bill's face, then ran off shouting "That was excellant, what shall we do now...?"

I managed to come by these mystical pair of pants, in my own attempt at pant throwing to bust Bill Gates' glasses went horribly wrong. In a one-on-one street fight with Bill (which we occasionally have when we can both make the time) I completely missed timed my "pants whip uppercut" and left myself open for the counter attack. Bill leaped up ten feet into the air, and on his way down whipped me across the face with these titanium woven pants. The classic "steel pants" fatality had me beaten. But as an act of friendship, old Bill let me keep the pants as a reminder to us all why we should ban McZee... the big nosed freak wears old men's pants.

Anyway, this a sort of bits and bobs page, a collection of all things related to 3dmm. Please feel free to make contributions to go into McZee's pants, after all this page is nothing without your creativity and input. So send in your graphics, sounds, stories...anything you can think of...come on lets fill up McZee's pants!!!

Whats in McZee's pants so far...? (well it looks rather empty at the moment...)
How to find all the lost talent book pages... An updated guide to finding all the talent book pages, the previous file was missing a few...  by Justin Sheeler 
McZee Vs. Darth Vader... THIS SIMPLY MUST BE HEARD!! a god send to all fellow McZee haters...
 by Space Goat 
The death of Melanie...  Another well made sound file, where 3dmm's co-host Melanie bites the dust...
 by Space Goat 
 Some cool fonts...  These fonts are great for using in your 3D movies, or anything else for that matter...
by OZ (your host)
A special thanks to everyone whose contributed. Nice one lads, I'm sure the purple skinned freak would be glad to know his old pants are being put to a good use.