Dialogue with Joe Pesci 
size: 459kb 
Joe Pesci stars as a Vase Selling Italian Bloke, in this foul mouthed send up of Melanie's Dialogue project. Think of this movie as DIALOGUE... but with added attitude. With a change of vase stall owner, will Kipper's chances of pinning down that elusive vase improve...? 
by Yusuf Ozkizil 
Best Comedy and Best Horror/Thriller
Awarded the Golden Goat for Best Comedy
size: 4.67MB (both parts combined)
This is possibly the best OZKIZIL movie to date, a hilarious parody of several 3d movies, combined with the classic OZKIZIL sense of humour. You'll laugh so hard that'll you'll cry... a must to download! 

SLAM the nutta is back, in this much loved parody of Brad Connell's 3d suspense/horror movie HARASSMENT. SLAM takes to nuisance phone calls in order to help kids do their homework, with hilarious and unpredictable results. After breaking into a school student's home things suddenly take a turn for the worse... 

by Melisa and Yusuf Ozkizil
Dialogue (In The Real World)
Voted Best Comedy, and Most Over-Hyped Movie at the March Cinema '98 awards. 
size: 344kb 
This is a short but sweet parody of Melanie's goofy movie project 'Dialogue', but set in the real world. Will Kipper the dumbass kid, get his vase...?
by Yusuf Ozkizil 
Barry Shitface's Guide to:
Camping for poor penniless bastards
size: 712kb 
Meet Barry Shitface, a penniless bastard, who seems to have all the answers to life's little dilemmas and problems. In this episode marvel at the thrills of camping which can be acheived on a low budget.
by Yusuf Ozkizil 
SLAM: The Raving Nutta
size: 820kb 
Meet SLAM, and his so called "family", in this bizarre comedy. Slam is an insane man who talks about rubbish. He also likes people to look at his face and into his eyes.
by Melisa Ozkizil 
size: 231kb 
The year is 2050, old fashioned bull-horned red cars still exist, and so do toll booths. Roger has failed to pay his toll, can Terry save the day, in this emotional/insanely bizarre tragedy?
by Melisa Ozkizil 
size: 716kb 
This movie is NOT finished and it WON'T be either. But your welcome to watch it. Boxer has just escaped a high security mental ward and is desperate for one last bout in the ring before his labatomy. But first he must find his old trainer Jim...
by Yusuf Ozkizil