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NEWS for 15/3

Where back, but not like we where

After closing down MAMT, and promising to come back with a brand spanking new page devoted to stuff about the OZKIZILS and our movies, I found out that I'd really HATE having to create a whole new site. It's TOO BORING, well I find all this HTML stuff really tiresome now. So MAMT is back... but as the headline above suggests things are different. We don't upload or watch anymore of your movies, so please don't send anymore to us. We don't do reviews either. Maybe on the odd occasion we might write reviews for other pages or Ross Montgomery's 3DMM News, but not here at MAMT, because that means more HTML and stuff. The Sick Ribbon is still active, and I'll put more stuff in McZee's Pants and maybe make it not just confined to 3DMM stuff, maybe just weird stuff I find or get sent.

NEWS for 29/12


Thats right, skinny face. I don't want to go around other 3dmm sites and find my graphics (yes, I created those SCREEN 1,2,3+4 things) and links to files on my accounts on other people's PAGES!! I get really fed up with it. This isn't happening so much lately, but it has been a real problem in the past. So don't do it. It can take a lot of time sorting out this page, and it gets really frustrating to see other LAZY people come along and get all parasitic on this page. In certain circumstances I do trades... opps getting into one of my old lines there... in certain circumstances I may allow people to link to certain files (like Jimmy Pozin with his Litterbug movie). But you MUST email me first and I'll consider it.

NEWS for 5/12

A VERY important article about why Dan Kulpa aka Acidburn should clear off...

This article is LONG, but it very important trust me, PLEASE READ...

To those of you who don't know, or don't care then you should and I'll fill you in... Dan Kulpa has become the menace and threat to this 3dmm community, since the whole Collective outbreak back in the Golden Years of 3dmm. You may remember Dan Kulpa as the guy who made the dire ABNORMAL series and even created a homepage for it. I could never understand why, seeing as it was never popular. He disappeared sometime in Feb '98 and emerged a couple of months ago, with the DANNYBOB PRODUCTIONS webpage. This webpage ungraciously linked to almost every 3d movie file stored on the web, without even asking permission. This upset a LOT of people, and ever since Dan has been a growing nuisance.

Despite fixing the problem with the links, Dan never quite managed to fix the problem which was himself. In a bid at damage limitation, old Danny Boy, attempted to give himself some HERO like status by inventing a guestbook villian called ACID BURN (AB). AB was some kind of genius hacker who would finish off the 3dmm community. AB's status was somewhat substantiated when people received virus infected emails, with the subject of the mail being about some kind of 3DMM Patch. People who received this mail foolishly unzipped the package or run a .exe application, I'm not sure which, and proceeded to infect their computers. I think everybody who did this had some kind of virus protection software and were pretty safe in the end. Dan alerted everyone in the guestbooks and put up a some kind of "what to do list" on his page about getting a virus. Dan proceeded to alert us that he had ":fryed" AB's computer in retaliation, and that we would be safe. Ohhh, my hero.

I knew for a fact that the chances of a hacker coming along and destroying this community were just plain BULL. Most entries between Dan and AB were only minutes apart as well! And Mickazee even came up with evidence that there were IP matches between Dan and AB. Confronted with this evidence Dan has consistently given inconsistent explanations or some which don't make sense, or are contradictory. Dan even claimed this hacker lived across his street and knew him. Well if some little punk kid trashed my computer I'd go over to his house and wring the little prick's neck, wouldn't you?

Since then Dan has been intensively trying to re-build his image and popularity by creating scapegoats to take the blame for everything. A while back we all had a big problem with unsolicited mail, or SPAM. Dan was an active user of this to promote updates on his page, and all other kinds of crap. Some real stupid people thought that they were on a mailing list and proceeded to hit REPLY-ALL in their messages to "get off this thing" and only added to the SPAM HELL. Recentely Dan has been trying to pin all this SPAM thing on Bean, and even the email virusing. I CANNOT STAND THIS KIND OF SLURRING OF REPUTATIONS. Bean has been one of the most influential and hard working members of the 3dmm community creating popular 3dmm websites in the past, and activities which are still continued today like the contests idea and pass-the-movie. Do you really think that Bean, who couldn't find the time to run a 3dmm page in the end could somehow find the time to track down everybodies email, and send them all into oblivion. I don't think so.

Why should Dan go to all this trouble to create scapegoats and villians, and build himself as some kind of HERO by unveiling all these plots against us? Plain and simple really. Dan doesn't run any ordinary 3dmm page. He is trying to run a business. Another one of his crap ideas (worse than the ABNORMAL homepage) was to offer the service of downloading movies for people who don't like/ or have the time to. He would then save them to disk, and send it to you by post, all for a small fee of a little over a dollar or something like that. Considering the amount of time most of you spend in chats and signing guestbooks, and generally being on-line most of you would have no trouble finding time to download movies at all really. Dan really started to make some cash though when he obtained a copy of IN PURSUIT (either he had it himself or someone sent it him) and changed who directed it from Martin Hayward (a long forgotten director) to Jason Ruiz (a popular and well known director to veterans and newbies alike). Why do this? Well it's all about marketing really, Jason has a strong *BRAND* image compared to the unheard of Martin Hayward. Dan then proceeded to exclaim on his page...

"Thatís right! Jason Ruizís famous 3D Movie, "In Pursuit" has been found in the DannyBob Movie Archive.

You can get it from DannyBob DirectMovie for just $1.25!! You canít find this movie anywhere else, not even from Jason himself., so act now!! Supplies are limited!"

See, look at that, according to Dan, Jason doesn't even have his own movie!! We now have a lost Ruiz classic thanks to Dan! What a hero this guy is, let me send you a cheque for a $1.25 Dan. What a load of BULL! Danny, you really have put yourself in a right old mess with this one! How does he know Jason doesn't have this movie? Through chat sessions I've had with Ruiz and entries he has made in guestbooks, Jason prides himself of keeping a work folder of ALL his movies, so why wouldn he misplace a copy of one of his own movies then Dan? All of us 3dmm veterans still remaining in the community such as Paul Marriott, Terry Goodwin, Ryan Ames, Jason Ruiz himself and me included all know that MARTIN HAYWARD made IN PURSUIT, not Jason! Seeing as Dan mentions that he found this movie in his archive, and not through email and made an innocent mistake, suggests that he changed the movie himself. Add the threats of virusing he made to all people who bought a copy from him if they distributed the movie freely, builds up the image of Dan as a devious little creep.

Dan has sent me many boring messages about how he wants to run my movie downloads page, and how I should stop hogging the spotlight, that 15,000 and more visits is TOO much and that I should give someone else a turn. Go away you little git!

If Dan ever had the most popular 3dmm page in the community, then this community would truely die. Believe me. Remember that all 3dmm pages provide a free service, all movie downloads are free, there are no restrictions and no threats of virusing from any site. If Danny had the most popular page he would set about creating a MONOPOLY. I'm pretty sure that he would make all the most popular and best movies he receives available only through paying a small fee. He is already doing this with his copy of IN PURSUIT which isn't even genuine. Danny say's he provides a service to those who don't want to download movies, but how about those of us who do, why isn't the movie available for us to download. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND WE MUST NOT LET THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR CONTINUE.

I suggest that all of us out there must seek to remove Dan (lawfully) from this community if he doesn't leave by his own accord. This can be done easily through contacting his ISP, which is , his username is CHQ782, and relating our experiences of his behaviour to AOL. There are many accounts of unlawful and menacing behaviour from Dan. SPAMMING is ILLEGAL and you can be removed from your ISP for doing this. ISP's don't tolerate this kind of behaviour from their users. The fact that he is withhelding certain files on his site which can only be obtained through payment is ILLEGAL. Remember he must have the consent of the creator of these files (the director, eg. in his case does he have consent from J.Ruiz for that copy of IN PURSUIT or even from MArtin Hayward?!). Threatening people with VIRUSES and infecting peoples' computers is also ILLEGAL. His persistent slurring of Bean on his site is also ILLEGAL. His claims are unsubstantiated, there is no conclusive proof that what he says is correct, and if I manage to persuade Bean, he could report him for use of SLANDER. I'm sure there are many many more accounts of Dan's negative and illegal activites. Dan's presence in the community is consistently negative in many ways, as described above and he is a REAL and SERIOUS menace. Too many times I've seen people get really motivated about pointless bickering, when we should all be getting motivated over removing this menace from the Internet.

If you would like to report Dan Kulpa (CHQ782) then go to click on "feedback" right at the bottom of the page, and you will be presented with a relevent form. I'm sure if enough people get involved in contacting AOL they will realise what kind of menace is abusing his use of the Internet, and take appropriate action. I'm about sick of Dan, and it's time to do something wouldn't you agree?

Thank-you for reading.

NEWS for 18/11

CHAT it up to a new max

Thanks to Ryan Ames, this site now has a chatroom. Just like I mentioned above, I simply never had the time to find one and add it to this page, it seemed like too much hassle even though a few people had asked me to add one. I know a lot of people meet up at this page because it has a popular guestbook, but it extremely difficult to chat through a guestbook which is really only meant as a message board. I hope the chatroom will be a popular new addition to this site. However if you experience any problems using it, or experience any harassment inside it then please inform it's owner Ryan Ames, not me. I only link to the chatroom, it is not my responsibility as to what occurs within it.

Don't HASSLE me!

Thats right. Don't send me mail telling me to update my site, or leave messages in the guestbook telling me what to do using words which would make your Grandma faint. I have other things to do besides running the BEST 3dmm page on the planet, and have a hectic schedule whereby this site comes last in my list of things to do. I understand that a lot of you visit this page, for one reason or another, and wouldn't like to see it die and rot like the other great sites, such as 3DMM Forum, Jeremy's 3dmm site and Austin's 3dmm site. So bearing that in mind I try to squeeze in time to update this site for you, and bring in great things like the TROUSERS. I think the 3dmm community expects TOO much from a 3dmm site, expecting sites to update everyday, when every month is more likely, seeing as where all in full-time education of one form or another.

Terry Goodwin pulls on a pair of Trousers, and joins us at MAMT

The greatest 3dmm reviewer since sliced bread and cheese, has joined us here at MAMT. Terry Goodwin, a fellow Brit, whose idols include Winston Churchill, Tony the Tiger and Pop Tarts, and whose hobbies include making his own packed lunch the day before going to school, and collecting broken shoelaces, has decided to write for us at MAMT. You may have seen his reviews at MX's site, and agreed with your Dad, that his reviews are both entertaining to read and are spot on critically. What an excellent piece of poaching we've done eh? What do you think, MX?

Terry's addition should make this page even greater than it ever was before Terry was here. What does that mean exactly? Well this page will probably be better than your mum/mom's cooking, but not as good as your Dad eating spagetti with a straw. If you see what I mean...

The Trouser Awards... THE FINAL RESULTS

At long, long, LONG last the TROUSER AWARDS are finally done. It has been a massive pain in the throat to implement and carry out, right from start to finish. I think for you lot out there it would have been well worth the wait, so just remember all the trouble we went to, to bring it to yah faces.

After all those forms you've had to fill in over the past two months, the rewards have finally been reaped. The votes have been counted and the awards have been handed out... if you were nominated go see if you've won, if you weren't well just go see anyways!

NEWS for 4/11


Please bear in mind that if you do decide to send me a movie, send it to

Movie updates vary from 2 - 4 weeks, so don't complain thats the way it is here. I don't always get around to watching the movies I get, so sometimes I upload without watching what I've been sent. Occasionally if I do and I'm not entirely satisfied with your efforts then I won't put it on this page.

I cannot receive movies over 2megs in size. So if you have a movie which is over that size, then I suggest you get yourself a free webspace account from Tripod (11megs), upload your movie to your new account, then give me the URL to your file (zipped) and then I'll download it!

NEWS for 30/10


We all know about the nuisance mail we've all been receiving, and we all know who started it off, so I won't go into all that again. The simply way to resolve this HELL is not to reply to any mail you get from this mass email thing. Get this straight, it is NOT a email list so you cannot be removed from it, so stop acting like a prize idiot asking, "TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST NOW". You can't be taken off because it isn't a list, so stop replying to it because the junk mail will just keep circulating. Hopefully if your reading this then take some notice, because I'm getting fed up with this short-sighted behaviour.

Boring, Boring, Boring and Boring...

What am I talking about? The latest crop of 3D Movies, that have been hitting the net thats what. I'm starting to think that the 3dmm community is void of any new ideas, creativity or imagination. Basically it's getting pretty boring now. All I keep seeing time and time again are badly made, pointless and stupid "action" movies. What these "movies" are is just an excuse to showcase some guy/woman/ or gang running around killing people, wrapped around a shoestring of a plot, by a director who has next to nothing in his head. This lack of creativity in the action movie genre is seeping into other themes. Don't you think it's time to dispense with this tired concept, come up some new ideas? Because the current state of movie making is getting more than a bit stale. As a consequence I've dropped some of the movies which were sent to me, that had the kind of crap I just mentioned. Go original!

NEWS for 6/9

Sick Ribbon movies...??!!!

Thats right. I have a movie made by The Mickazee, which I'm going to edit and add some animation to, to make it look like a commercial, as an advertisement for joining The Sick Ribbon Campaign.

Also there is Mike Darr's more "action-movie" orientated effort which is scheduled for release in 1999. Mike Darr is one of the most enthusiastic campaign members I've seen. He has his own anti-McZee page and has even created a nice little animated graphic, which is a lot more than other members have done,. They just seem to submit their names and think "Thats it!". But it ain't, if you really hated the purple skinned mutant freak you'd prove it, like the few of us who have created testaments to our hatred of the Microsoft lovechild named McZee.

Back to Mike's project then... he's making a movie called "The Microsoft Revenge" and it includes all of us in The Sick Ribbon Campaign, and Mike would like to know which 3dmm character most resembles yourself. Email him at if you'd like to help him out, or find out more about what he's up to.

NEWS for 24/8


Yes you read it right. It seems a long time since I've made a movie, but I've had some good ideas lately and hopefully you'll see a few more. Jogging is two thirds complete, but I'm unsure when it'll be completed so don't ask me when it'll be finished, because I don't know either.

My new movie Dialogue with Joe Pesci, was actually going to be part of another movie I'm working on, where Joe Pesci temporarily runs the vase stall. But I thought this would work better as it's own separate movie, and here it is. Don't worry, the Old Bloke hasn't been made redundant, think of Joe as a guest vase stall owner. This is quite a funny re-work of the classic Dialogue (in the real world) but with a few differences... oh just go see for yourself. Be warned though, it does have some strong language (WAVs featuring Pesci in full "swear mode"), and a slightly adult theme. If you do download it, remember to give me your verdict, I appreciate all feedback and would like to your opinions. Cheers.

NEWS for 7/8

3DMM community dying...?

It seems to me that the 3DMM community is getting bigger, with a lot of new directors I've never heard of before producing movies. Even though the product is no longer produced, I guess people are finally having some luck finding it at budget prices on some of the on-line stores and stuff. This is all well and good, but it seems like all the main 3DMM sites are dead. Cinema '98 is gone, Bean couldn't cope with the flood of movies and emails, and Mx at Addicted to 3D Movie Maker has little time to spare with work commitments. McZee ate my trousers, is filling the gap as best as can do at the moment, but the sheer time this site takes up is far too consuming for me to do for much longer.

I don't know why but the 3dmm community has this habit of finding one particular 3dmm site, and just sticking to that site, no matter what. Thats all well and good, but it means that if anything happens to the site owner i.e. gets bored, dies, can't cope with all the movies, etc... then the whole community is well and truely buggered. First it was Addicted to 3DMM, then it was Bean's site, then it was Cinema '98, then back to Bean, and then back again to Addicted to 3DMM, and now McZee ate my trousers (judging by the counter hits, I'm getting the same amount of visits in one day that I used to get in one month!!). Unfortunately this won't be for too much longer. In late September or early October, I expect to close the 3D movie section to this site (by far the most time consuming to run), to concentrate on far more pressing commitments. Until that date I suggest you peruse some of the other sites, but if you want a tip from me I suggest...

I recentely received a message from one of the site owners' Ted Melot, and this bloke is really enthuisastic about creating a great site, and has some good ideas on doing so except... that none of you fellas are sending him your movies. Read Ted's message...

"Our site wants to be big and be one of the best of the 3DMM pages out don't have MIDIS or anything special like that..but good..solid...KICK ASS MOVIES. If we update...there is SURE to be a really good movie there to download. We personally at this me Ted...have discovered that the closing of Beans site and the fact that MX is at camp..has put a large SCAR in the 3dmm community..if MX's site goes away.. McZee ate my trousers is the only refuge...we want our site to always be there so 3DMM will hopefully not die. We, the webmasters at the site are also working on 2 REALLY GOOD movies right now, Westside Vs Crypts and InSaNiTy In The Diner. Please help us by sending in your movies. As you know there is a lack of really good 3DMM sites and we want to stop that lack but we can only do that with your help. Please help us and in turn the whole 3DMM community together."

Anyway, I can't see any harm in sending these guys your movies, at least then they can try and do what they've said here. On another note one of the webmasters at MELON 3DMM (Ted Melot) started a movie called K-ZILLA...kind of like Godzilla...but he decided not to make it anymore so he cancelled the project. What is left is some pretty amazing footage. He has posted the UNFINISHED version on his site as a PUBLIC file. That means that if you see a scene in the movie that you would like to use..use it. Hey, if you want to finish the movie using ALL the old footage and yours..DO IT!! He asks that you give him credit for the first parts though.

NEWS for 27/7

Ok, I won't be listing exactly what I've put on this page anymore. All I'll put up here is news, you can easily see whats new to this page by checking the list of sections to this page, and seeing which has been recentely updated. Incidentely I will be adding the rest of the Jim the Cop series in the next update. I've also added some more movies to my WANTED list, I would really appreciate it if you contact me, if you have one or more of these movies. Cheers.
Use new EMAIL address for movies please...

I have re-considered changing my ISP, and I'm still at Virgin Net. But please only send your comments and suggestions (anything without an attached file) to my Virgin Net address, any movies will just get erased as I have a file size limit on the emails I receive now. So send your 3dmm movies to...
Billboards section now closed

Sorry, but I don't have to the time to run this section anymore. I've found that running all the sections on this page is WAY too time consuming, so I've had to drop a section. You can still build up hype for your movies by placing your billboards in guestbooks. Also 3DMM Online, runs an advertisements section, so thats your next best choice.

Using FONTS in your movies (include them in your zip file!)

I'm pretty sure that the majority of the 3dmm community have no idea what the issue is over fonts. You see, if you use atext in your movie and use a unique font in your movie that no one else has, then they won't see the text in the style you used. Instead the computer will use a very plain and average font to compensate for not having the particular font. Remember that Windows 95, only comes with 12 fonts, any other fonts you might have on your computer may have come from word processing programs, or font packages with give you extra fonts. So if you use a fancy font in your movie, remember to include a copy of that font in your zipped movie file.

Previews allowed

Thats right, your 3d movie previews are allowed now. The reason I never let them in before was that I've seen some awful ones in the past, and didn't want to see anymore of them. I've had to re-think that as I've received some well made, and convincing trailers which deserve to be watched.

NEWS for 17/7

New EMAIL address for sending your movies to
Due to some problems which have occured with my virgin net address, I have designated a new email address for you to send your zipped movies to...

A message to all Sick Ribbon members, from a McZee lover!!!

Below is a message I received from a deluded McZee sympathiser. It should give you a very BIG laugh reading it. I haven't had the time to reply to this deluded bloke, but seeing as the message refers not just to me, but all the other campaign members, I'm sure the fella wouldn't mind hearing from you maybe you could put him straight...

Subject: Just read this!!!
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 11:01:07 +0800
From: "Mohd Zunaidi" <>
To: <>

Why you cruel people... trying to make fun of somebody. Your useless campaign (or stupid campaign) is very bad and ugly. You all and your members should be ashamed of yourself. What's wrong with McZee? You all just like the BlackMagic people that hates everybody. If you hated McZee, why do you buy his software? You devil and your cruel campaign. I REALLY HATE YOUR SITE!!!!!!! and when you receive this e-mail, I have alraedy send an e-mail to Microsoft tm about your bad site.

Help the WORM!!

Chris McCray aka Worms, is eager to fill the void left by the demise of Bean's 3DMM site, with the ULTIMATE in 3dmm pages. Well, he's heading in the right direction with a nickname even wackier than "Bean". But to create the greatest ever page he's going to need a lot of help from the 3dmm community, so get off your good for nothing, fat hides and give the bloke a hand. Here, read this notice which he sent to me about 65 times in the last few days...

"I am taking up volunteers to maintain a MIDI and 3DMM site.  So far, I have four part time people willing to give some time into this. Please lend a helping hand, it is greatly needed.  Those that are interested, please visit my page, and look at the message board.  Thanks for your time,

Worms (UIN#8144368)"