Action Joe 2
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Movie type: ACTION
Reviewed by: NicKevin's Undertaker
Action Joe 2 is a well done movie, it has inspired many other movies, but lets look at it. You can't understand one thing Ruiz says because of loud midis and he didn't say it clearly. I'm wondering how old Jason is. You may say you have to be mature to make a movie like that. I know some little kids that are more perverted than the director of "Boogie Nights." I don't have anything against the maker of this movie, but he probably has a lot of friends. It would of been great if I could tell who was talking and what they were saying. The story would have been better if the cops had better evidence to go on. "Oh look, a picture of action joe holding a knife. Look he's standing over the chief who has a bullet wound in his head. Let's kill Joe!!!" I rest my case (OZ: I think I made this case in my review). By the way was it just me, or is Ruiz using "Fly" and "Song 2" a little too much? Well other than that, The movie is too long. A movie doesn't have too be 6 megs to be good.

Other than that, the movie is pretty good, still. It has good midis, sounds, effects, and (my favorite) blood!! (Why else would I be NicKevin's Undertaker if didn't like that?)

NicKevin's VERDICT...