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In late June 1998, HARASSED was released onto this site. It was by far our longest movie, both in movie duration and time taken to complete, and also our personal favorite. It being a mixture of parody and mystery, interacting characters from other movies with our own, the final product being a spoof comedy adventure, which has earned a place in 3dmm history as a "comedy classic". Generating enthusiastic feedback upon it's release continuing still months later, and scooping a number of awards in various esteemed 3dmm voting contests. It ultimately established the Old Bloke, Andrew Neilson and SLAM as popular 3dmm "celebrity like" figureheads. 

The movie told the tale of SLAM, a young nutcase whose sole mission in life was too help kids to do their homework, whether they liked it or not. Oh, and of course squeezing in time for his unhealthy obsession with biscuits... and pants. Yet, frustrating SLAM at every try was the mysterious Mr. Skelly Pants, an evil costumed freak assassin supposedly in cahoots with Action Joe...  

The story was played out onto a parody of two popular 3dmm classics, HARASSMENT (by Brad Connell) and ACTION JOE 2 (by Jason Ruiz). Where we got the inspiration to do this, where still not entirely sure, it just... happened. The original idea was to make another film with the bizarre character SLAM, after his debut in the quickly made yet popular, SLAM the raving nutta which proved to be such an unexpected hit. While in the process of looking for ideas and inspiration from other various 3dmm movies, we were watching HARASSMENT and found the idea of some weird voiced freak harassing children with bizarre and stupid riddles intriguing. How about if the even bigger freak, SLAM was phoning these kids...? The results had us in tears... SLAM's desperate ramblings to do homework being met with Michael's impatience and deadpan reactions worked a treat, so we took it from there and the rest as they say is history. 


During the months after HARASSED's release we've received a lot of positive feedback from members of the 3dmm community. Our first aim when making a movie is that we ourselves enjoy it, first and foremost, if it's well received by other people then that is an added bonus. HARASSED is rather eccentric and crazy, the humour stemming from bizarre circumstances, situations and personalities, it is not your traditional type comedy which doesn't appeal to everyone. HARASSED is a movie which seems to divide it's viewers into two camps, those who really love it, and those who really hate it, there is no in-between it seems. Though so far, we've been  delighted with the good feedback, especially when hearing of tales from people who've watched the movie and cryed their eyes out with laughter, and those who enjoyed repeating famous lines such as "LOOK AT MY FACE" and quoting other lines in school and such... GREAT STUFF!! 


Erik Everson (Georgefilms)

"I downloaded and watched both Harassment and Harassed -- Harassed was a very funny parody of the original, looking forward to part 2... finally downloaded and watched part 2 of Harassed it was hilarious. We especially liked your laugh as the "old bloke" and the whole Andrew Neilson thing..."

John Lercari

"I watched Harassed. Pretty funny!!! I got a kick out of that one with Action Joe. Nicely done!! Your sense of humor makes it great. Haven't laughed in a real long time but when I saw that BOY did I ever. Slam going please don't kill him, I need to help him with homework. A few tears slipped out of my eyes."

Chris Zaryc

"Harassed was totally crap, what kind of loser made it. Not, Just kidding it was really cool, make a part 3!"

Eric Bodine

"I downloaded your 2 part series and i thought they kicked major ass!"

Mike Darr

"Harassed was funny as hell, especially the second part."


"Harrassed" was truly a hilarious movie. I liked how you included Andrew Neilsen, but didn't kill him or anything. I also enjoyed seeing the cast of "Dialogue" again."

Tim Ellis

"The funniest movie I've ever seen was that Harassed series, I nearly woke up my dad laughing, (and I've never done that before), I liked on part 2 when his parents left and he started watching porn, how he looked at the screen just cracked me up!! im laughing right now remembering it!! What I really liked about that movie is how well made of a comedy it was, not like all the others when you can tell a punch-line or something is coming, or when it's just crazy silly shit."

Paul Marriott

"I'm gonna download your second HARASSED movie - I saw the first and I thought it was HILARIOUS! No wonder poor ol' Brad left the 3DMM community! haha..good job!"

Bobby Anderson

"I thought Harassed was hilarious. Ozkizils have a way with comedy."

Daniel Nygard

"Hi. You know, sometimes McZee ain't so stupid... like today!

He said about your movie "Hehe, that was excellent" and it was too! I liked, it when Slam called that boy (like the beginning of Harassment)! And a funny thing was the beginning of Action Joe, but Slam in the car instead of a girl! Great!" 
Ted Melot

"GREAT MOVIE!!! Its funny as hell....hehehehe....U DA MAN JESUS"

Jason Ruiz

"I THOUGHT "HARASSED" WAS GREAT!!!!!! I got pissed at some of the Action Joe scenes. Oh well."

Mr. Vomit

"I love that movie. I downloaded it for the third time last month as each time I think I've seen it enough I chuck it out and realise what a fool I was just as it's too late."



Here are some links to a couple of HARASSED reviews written by 3dmm critics... 

Terry Goodwin "the best comedy ever to hit 3dmm... even funnier than some real comedies..." 

SpaceGoat "a comedy that sticks out from all the others" 

And here's a review from the other side of the coin as it were... 

Shitdisturber (reading his review always makes us laugh!)

"This was by far the most overrated movie on this program. It won so many awards for best comedy, and I didn't find the movie funny at all. The dialogue is hard to hear. The movie gets really annoying, a few scenes were a bit funny, but not hysterically funny. A lot of the humour is overdone and not funny, and the movie is incredibly boring. I never understoody why people thought this movie was so funny. It sux!!" 


HARASSED has scooped three awards in various 3dmm award ceremonies. To those of you who voted for HARASSED in the relevant categories it was successful in, we thank you. Such recognition in the community and all the positive feedback we have received is very inspirational, and has proved to be a motivational factor in continuing the HARASSED story in Episode I. Thanks. 

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