Another voice style needed 

May 14, 1999 -- Another voice style is needed and which is listed below. If your interested in auditioning, or have a voice style you'd really like us to hear then please get in touch 

An impression of the Old Bloke or a similar old man's voice 

Episode I, 2nd Poster Revealed! 

May 14, 1999 -- Mr. Vomit has created another exceptional piece of work, which has been converted into another promotional poster for Episode I. Taking a bit of Darth Maul, a Jedi Robe, mixing in a generous chunk of 70s style action freak and a fat blonde mustache, Mr. Vomit has served up a treat for your eye's to feast on... the mustached face of evil? 

Casting for auditions now open 

April 22, 1999 -- Due to the greater number of characters involved in Episode I we will be needing a large number of other people to fill these new parts. Where hoping to have the largest ever cast for a 3D movie, and it also gives you another incentive to download the movie when it is eventually finished, to hear your beautiful voice.  

Basically, if you think you excel in a particular voice style and would like to participate in our movie then please send us a few lines recorded in WAV format, zip 'em up and send them here. Funny, serious, weird, bizarre, different accents.... we'd like to hear anything! Most of the roles so far don't have a specific voice style, so maybe you could land yourself a big part! 

However, there are a few specific voices style we need to suit some of the new characters in Episode I. These voice styles are listed below... 

A convincing Black American accent 
A nutty professor, nerdy Poindexter style voice 
High school geek/nerd/jerk voice 
A Dad type voice 

Once you've recorded some wavs, PLEASE ZIP 'em and send them here. If we like your voice/voices then we'll email you back in due time. 

Episode I, 1st Poster Revealed! 

April 22, 1999 -- The first Episode I poster was posted in MNB's guesty a few weeks ago, and has most likely been buried by now. Finally it is presented here on this site for the fans of HARASSED. It was kindly created for us by Vomit Boy, and can be viewed by clicking the link above... enjoy. 



Another voice style needed 
Episode I, 2nd poster revealed 
Casting for audition's now open 
Episode I, 1st poster revealed  


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