Presently in the initial stages of production, the new HARASSED "prequel" Episode I The Pants On Menace will take audiences on a mad journey to the very beginnings of the HARASSED saga. The previous HARASSED episode (now Episode 2) told the story of SLAM, a young nut case who somewhat over enthusiastically helped school kids to do their homework. In his attempts to do so, SLAM struggled to overcome an evil unseen force which frustrated him at each try. The only indication of this "evil" was several confrontations with the mysterious and sinister costumed freak, Mister Skelly Pants. The new HARASSED episode will go a few years back in time to tell the story of how all these characters came into being, and how their relationships influenced the tragic events in the previous episode (now Episode 2). 

THE STORY (well only a few scraps for now) 

In Episode I, SLAM is just an excitable teenager, who has ambitions of fame and success. The man who would become the evil Mister Skelly Pants, Charlie, knows nothing of his eventual fate as a mysterious costumed figure of death. In this earlier time, the Old Bloke is still old, and yes he still hasn't managed to sell a vase. Episode I will take audiences through an extraordinary adventure, twisting and turning like some drunken snake. Comedy and parody around each corner, and a fruity plot smacking of intrigue, mystery and REVENGE. Familiar HARASSED characters Michael, Jason Honey, Andrew Neilson and Kipper are all along for the ride. This first chapter in the HARASSED saga follows SLAM's journey as he pursues his dreams of success and biscuits in the midst of a town on the brink of crisis.  


HARASSED: Episode I is the second movie released in the HARASSED saga, but it is the very first chapter of the overall story. We will be planning to work on a final third episode, once Episode 1 has been completed, taking the saga to a final conclusion. Upon release of Episode 1, we plan to give the 2nd episode a catchy new title to reflect the growth of this comedy adventure from a one part parody, to a three part comedy masterpiece. 

The story line for EPISODE I has been drafted, and a number of scenes already completed. However the bulk of the work is yet to be done, and work on further animation will begin in late May '99, due to other demanding commitments. 


Episode I's cast features a mix of new and familiar faces. Melisa and me (OZ) play SLAM and the Old Bloke, and a number of other new important characters. Andrew Neilson, will of course be involved, reprising his role as his naive young self. Jason Ruiz has agreed to play the part of his own Action Joe, an aspiring actor awaiting his big break in the movies. Paul Marriott and Space Goat are the latest members of the cast so far, their roles will be kept under wraps for now and will be revealed at a later date. We plan to have the biggest cast ever for a 3dmm movie, and extensive casting for particular voice styles will commence at a later date, all details of which will published on this page. 

 Vomit Boy Seal 
This chap on the left here, is Mr. Vomit, he's a very talented artist who has been creating a number of images and graphics relating to Episode I, which have been appearing on these pages. The first official poster for Episode I, nicknamed "Skelly Shadow" and the 2nd more recent poster "Joe Maul" are just  mere appetizers of his exceptional talent, and enhances the pre-production presentation of Episode I beyond our capability and most others. 


You mean you want more? This Episode I page will eventually feature such things as a screen shot gallery, information about cast, the production, and a special page featuring the success of Episode 2, featuring a look back at all the fun and feedback the movie generated and which eventually became a classic amongst 3dmm fans. Other groovy features will be added and much more. There are also tentative plans for a Trailer (when animation of the movie is almost complete) to be released. We hope you'll enjoy exploring our presentation of material on Episode I and hope you'll keep an eye out on this page, as further revelations of the story, characters and features will be added as the completion of the movie draws nearer. 



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Episode I, 2nd poster revealed 
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Episode I, 1st poster revealed   


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