Hello, the world is a funny place to be
Directed by: BT
Movie type: COMEDY
Reviewed by: Chris Duerr

Hey, this movie is one of the most funny movies I have ever seen without bad language! Wattya know, eh? A comical movie without constant cussing! This movie has Monty Python type humor most of the time, and sounds from the Monty Python show.  I really loves this movie because it's skits were so whacked! I mean, theres one scene where someone's playing golf and the ball is a bongo! And one scene these old woman are doing the Macaraina and they start duplicating, then something just falls on them
with a fart noise! I mean, you gotta  see it to really understand why its funny!  There were some flaws though, a lot of times things just fell on people, but that's the only draw back, and its not even a totally bad one!  Anyways this movie should definitely be shipped over to the Vault (OZ: the Vault is for older movies which have lost their place on the net and are restored to their rightful place), its an instant Classic! Its sort of like the George movies with a touch of Monty Python! This movie gets 2 thumbs up!