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Wan't your film to get noticed? build up a bit of hype before the release? top the download charts at Cinema '98? Well sonny, this is the place where it could your movie banners to me, and I'll paste them on this page. At the moment there are NO TIME LIMITS  for how long you can advertise your what are you waiting for!

The movies advertised here are either available at 3D Cinema 1998 or at my page 

The Train Trip (15/3/98) by Eric Russoniello

Mr. Mystery (15/3/98) by Mike Moon

The Train Trip (8/3/98) by Michael Russoniello

The Picozzi Brothers Scam (16/2/98) by M.M.D

South Park The Movie (16/2/98) by M.M.D

JOGGING with 2 dumbass bitches (14/2/98) by OZ

Cool Crowd (14/2/98) by Jason Mandevision Enterprises

Night (14/2/98)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (14/2/98)

Leaving Imaginopolis (26/1/98) by OZ

Tae Kwon Don (26/1/98) by Bobby Anderson

Dialogue In The Real World by OZ

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