During the two years or so that 3dmm has been residing on the web, there has only been one successful voting session to award outstanding acheivements in 3d movie making. So in early August '98, MAMT, decided to fill that gap with some trousers, which became THE TROUSER AWARDS, a rather apt name considering the title of this site. Hollywood has the Oscars... and 3dmm now would have the prestigious TROUSERS. A pair of 24 carat gold plated, 100% cotton trousers.

The TROUSER Awards has given you the 3dmm community a chance to acknowledge and reward those directors who have produced, and in some cases consistently produced outstanding movies, which have made being part of this community all the more worthwhile. For those recipients of a TROUSER award, it will come as well deserved pat on the back, for outstanding achievement in the field of 3dmm directing.

The voting sessions have been an outstanding success. Many of you have participated in both the initial nominating period, and the actual voting session, producing fair and decisive results in each catergory. All chosen by YOU the 3dmm community. Without your interest the TROUSER AWARDS would never have been possible. Cheating was not a problem, although one person voted 3 times, and a number of people voted after the voting deadline, but in both cases these votes were counted as null, void and invalid. For a full breakdown of how the votes fell, then check out this page full of THE TROUSER AWARDS statistics.

There are in fact two sets of awards being handed out. Those TROUSER AWARDS selected by you the 3dmm community, and another specially selected crop by us at MAMT, those being the MAMT awards.

Action Joe 2
Action Joe 2
The Gate
Dragon Gem
Action Joe 3
OZKIZIL productions
Yusuf Ozkizil (OZ)
Action Joe 2
Action Joe 2
Action Joe 2
Jim the Cop
Jason Ruiz
SLAM the nutta
Serial Killer
Andrew Neilson
Jason Ruiz
Slam - the serial killer

What?! Another load of awards! Yes, this second set of awards have been specially selected by us at MAMT. These are awarded to both movies and to the people behind them, recognising both acheivement and excellence... and otherwise.
 STiK Man - Mike Darr
 Dialogue (In New York City) - Dan Kulpa
 Westside Vs. Crypts - Movie Brothers
 Serial Killer 2 - Andrew Neilson
Litterbug - James Pozin
Tim's TV Network - Tim Ellis