Another Train Trip 1
Part 2
Directed by: Eric and Danny Lervik
Movie type: ACTION
Reviewed by: Yusuf Ozkizil (OZ)
This was a very short episode, so short in fact that I didn't see the point of having to watch all the intro credits again. I found this episode quite disappointing overall, and again it's saving grace was the creativity and imagination of the director. In trying to give the effect that the action is unfolding on a moving train, the director does well. But in trying to develop the plot and story to this movie, I'm afraid in this episode the director falls flat on his face.

All the unanswered major questions in this movie which I mentioned in the review of Part 1, are still unaswered. This makes for frustating viewing, as I like to have some idea of what is unfolding before me. For instance when the train left the station, I wanted to know where it's destination was... I mean where the hell is this train going... the moon?

What I found most unbelievable about this movie was the credibility of Timothy as a villanous terrorist. For one, he looks like a bumbling nerd, with his ten inch thick glasses and his stupid anorak. Although he didn't look like he could hurt a fly, I decided I'd give him him the benefit of the doubt... until he spoke. He sounded more like an accountant than a bad guy, like the boy scout who'll help an old granny across the street rather than blow her up in a train. When we were introduced to one of his henchman, while the train made a stop, I was beginning to believe that this was the revenge of the nerds. Another geeky looking charactor with a very strange accent was thrown into the story.

My belief that Timothy is not a credible villian was reinforced when him and his henchman announced that they would pick off Joe that night, in full earshot of a passer by, who then managed to alert Joe through a warning note. When the time came for the assassination I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Instead of pumping Joe full of lead, they took it all out on an innocent door?! I mean come on, am I suppossed to believe these guys are capable of blowing up a train, when they can't even kill off one person... properly. I mean what was the problem here, it seemed like a simple "hit" to me. Just open the door, walk over to Joe and shoot him, then run off. The villans managed to muddle open the door, with shoot the door . Or were the lenses in the bad guys glasses so thick that they thought they were actually inside of Joe's room, not outside it? And that brown thing was actually Joe, and not a door.

I really hope things pick up in this movie, what started out as a promising action flick, seems to me is descending into a bit of a comical affair.